Birth2Baby Parenting Class

You've prepared for the birth, so why not be prepared for looking after your new baby by having a two hour session in the comfort of your own home, to help you prepare for looking after your brand new baby!

Session can be attended anytime before your baby arrives.

This session is ideal for first time parents, but can be done no matter what baby this is for you or how long it's been since your last baby arrived.

Learn about what will happen immediately after your baby is born.

Caring for your new born baby in the early days & weeks, immediate care of your new baby, feeding, skin care, topping/tailing and bathing your baby, planning ahead and taking care of yourself. 

The session will include a short relaxation to help keep you calm & relaxed as you prepare for the birth of your baby.

Book a session in your own home by contacting Jacqui and making payment via PayPal below.

1 x 2 hr Session costs £40            


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