Relax, Breathe & Birth Session

Relax, Breathe & Birth Session (RBB)

Learn how to look forward to your birth with confidence! 

This 2 hour session will teach you how your body can work at it's best during labour to ensure that it is as efficient and comfortable as possible.

This session can be attended at anytime during your pregnancy and please feel free to bring your birth partner along, just let me know who will be attending when you make your booking.

I can't teach you everything that I would in the full Wise Hippo Birthing Programme, but In this 2 hour class I will teach you four of the essential elements of the full course including: 

  • Why we fear labour and birth.
  • How to birth more confidently.
  • Becoming an expert in relaxation - your tools for labour (breathing techniques).
  • What to consider when preparing your birth plan.
  • What your birth partner should consider when supporting you.
  • The full Wise Hippo experience (information).

You will also learn 2 fantastic tools to help keep you calm and relaxed no matter what path your birthing takes.

This session costs £30 for a group session. Should you decide to book the full course after attending a RBB session, the cost of your RBB will be deducted from the cost of the full Wise Hippo Birthing Course fee should you book this with Hypnobirthing Sanctuary after attending the Relax, Breathe & Birth session with Jacqueline.

Relax, Breathe & Birth Sessions  

Saturday 14th December

10am - 12pm

Merry-go-round (Events space)

32 - 34 Nithsdale Rd

G41 2AN

To book a RBB session or for more information please contact Jacqueline. 

Group session costs £30 and must be paid in full in advance of session in order to secure your place, please note that payment is non-refundable once your place is booked.

Gift vouchers now available! 

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