I recently attended the relax, breathe and birth programme. As a second time Mum I was unsure what to expect as I attended a lot of classes and courses during my first pregnancy. I found the class and Jaqcui very approachable and relaxed. Myself and my husband both agreed that having spent £300+ on intense weekend courses this £25 class would have given us just as much information and support condensed into one afternoon. It was a great refresher for us and we left feeling much more positive...and relaxed as we did when we entered!! My only wish is that I had enough cash saved to do the four week course! Thanks again.


Excellent! Went for Relax, breath and birth session on 3rd Nov and thought I will leave review once I used what I learned. Didn't know it is gonna happen yesterday! But happened, our wee miracle is here. Everything I heard from Jacqui was great and useful. From water beaking to giving birth it lasted almost 22 hrs so I had plenty of time to use everything. Without this I do not know what would have happened to us. Thanks again Jacqui and hope we will meet again soon.


I used the wise hippo method through my labour although I did end up having a section, the whole process leading up was calm and relaxed, on my terms through learning from the programme. Thank you for such great training and helping me have the birth I wanted to bring my beautiful boy into the world!


"My partner Kai and I only managed to book one Wise Hippo session (Relax, Breathe & Birth Session) before our daughter arrived but it was very much worth it! Jacqui was brilliant - very genuine, knowledgeable and passionate.

The 5-4-3-2-1 breathing method, combined with the wave and beach visualisations were extremely useful and I made it through labour using only these techniques and the birthing pool then combined with gas and air for the final 4 hours. Our daughter had a wonderful, calm and natural birth as a result - her heart rate was the same all the way down and she came into the world bright eyed and peaceful.

Although the labour was challenging, I honestly believe hypnobirthing completely transformed the experience for me. When contractions started I felt prepared rather than helpless, confident rather than scared. I was so excited and in the more difficult times, the techniques helped me to feel more in control. Whether it's one session or many, I highly recommend hypnobirthing and Jacqui to all parents to be!"


We attended the taster session this weekend - Jacqui's experience as a midwife really shone through and we left feeling so positive and more informed about the birth of our baby.


I booked the Wise Hippo course with Jacqui after attending a Relax, Breathe & Birth session. I immediately felt really comfortable with Jacqui. With her background in Midwifery she definitely knows her stuff and offered us tons of useful advice and information. Jacqui is warm, friendly and approachable and within the space of a couple of hours at RBB I could feel my anxieties surrounding childbirth melting away. A big plus with the Wise Hippo is how involved your birthing partner is in the hypnobirthing process and it's really reassuring to know that we have the tools we need as a team for birth preparation and for the day itself. I can honestly say I went from being borderline tokophobic at my first session to feeling confident and excited about the birth of my baby. I'd recommend Jacqui and the Wise Hippo birthing programme to any apprehensive mum to be. 


Jacqui has experience and a straightforward manner that fostered confidence and strength in us as a couple. Our one to one session helped us to overcome fears associated with a previous difficult birth. The concept of 'the right birth on the day' allows for more flexibility than the hypnobirthing method we did in our previous pregnancy. Jacqui also spent time getting to know us and pitched the session to our specific needs but also spent extra time with us.

My attitude changed after the session, I was more able to focus on the birth (no more head in the sand!) and felt more positive about baby's imminent arrival.

I was able to advocate for natural birth with my consultant and avoided doctors when the time came and gave birth in the birthing pool in the Community Midwife Unit. I used gas & air, breathing and active labour positions and movement.

I would recommend time with Jacqui without hesitation.

(Attended one RBB session at 39+3wks gestation, birthed at 41wks)


 Doing hypnobirthing with Jacqueline reinforced my belief that this is what we are designed to do. I went into my labour feeling confident, empowered, aware and excited. Would highly highly recommend Jacqueline to anyone and have already been in touch again for my 3rd birth. If you want a fearless and calm birth then look no further.


The Hypnobirthing experience allowed me to take control of my birthing experience. Before it, I saw childbirth as something that happened to me and that I had to endure. My experience of Hypnobirthing made me more confident and proactive in my birthing experience.


I loved the whole experience of being taught Hypnobirthing by Jacqueline as did my husband who almost fell asleep a few times because he was so relaxed.I found Jacqueline friendly,warm,approachable and very insightful. I would highly recommend doing a Hypnobirthing course with her. I will definitely be applying everything she taught me when trying for our next child.


Can't recommend Jacqui highly enough! After several miscarriages I was extremely anxious during pregnancy so Jacqui's input was so important. Her knowledge of hypnoborhing and also the fact she is an experienced midwife was invaluable. I genuinely think hypnobirthing helped me have a calmer and faster birth.


I contacted Jacqueline about hypnobirthing & found a warm, open friendly woman who could not do enough to help me. She was very knowledgeable. Although my birthing experience didn't go as planned it helped me remain calm throughout my experience.


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